What Percentage of Our Meals should Be Made Up of Carbs?

William Smith is the President / CEO and Founder of the INTRAFITT Corporation which was established in California in 1992. Will has won more than twenty-eight bodybuilding championships and is also known for his role as “THUNDER” on television’s American Gladiator between 1990 – 1992. He is a National and International Speaker on Performance Nutrition and Exercise Science.

In order to achieve optimal levels of health, fitness and performance, a carbohydrate intake of approximately 50 – 60% of an individual’s recommended dietary calories should be maintained.  Although the range of these percentages seems insignificant, the hormonal effects produced when eaten in the proper ratio with dietary protein and fat can be quite influential and have a powerful impact on the regulatory systems that directly affect metabolism.  Keep in mind that, as with all nutrients, the specific amount needed from one person to the next is entirely based on individual metabolic variables, environmental stressors and behavioral factors.

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