Welcome to the INTRAFITT Blog!

HANDS DOWN…The Most Successful Nutrition & Exercise Program in the World!

Hi Dear Friends,

I have put together this blog to share with you INTRAFITT’S findings on nutrition and exercise designed for Health, Fitness and Performance. 

I will be talking about the exponential effects that nutrition and exercise has on the major regulatory systems of the body, which directly influence the physiological processes associated with human health, fitness and performance.

Sound boring…hope not!  There is a lot to learn and I have a lot to share.  Thousands of “Certified Trainers’ and “Fitness Experts” will tell you that when it comes to getting in shape, nutrition and exercise are equally important.  This is perhaps true, however, if you really expect to see optimal results in the least amount of time, Individualized Nutrition MUST precede any form of structured physical activity.  Remember that “FOOD FUELS EXERCISE…EXERCISE DOES NOT FUEL FOOD!”


Please visit me at our website www.intrafitt.com or send me an email to gladiator@intrafitt.com  I look forward to hearing from you!  You might want to give our 6-week body make over a try.  A great start to a new YOU!

In strength and honor,
William Smith aka Thunder


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