Attitude is Everything….and More!

In my 25 plus years as a professional athlete combined with my more than 20 plus years of intense clinical and sports nutrition and exercise Research and Development, I’ve discovered that while there are many limiting factors associated with the mechanics of human performance, none has as far-reaching an effect as our ATTITUDE!

If you have ever set out to achieve a really important goal for yourself; perhaps a career goal, relationship goal, financial goal or a health and fitness goal and repeatedly found yourself abandoning your efforts soon after you began, you’re not alone.  Ask anyone who has been on top of their game for 30, 40 or even 50 years and has maintained success in most if not all areas of their life and they will likely tell you that it all starts with ATTITUDE!

Changing our attitude all starts with making a decision and committing to it daily.  Thus it is our decisions that ultimately shape and forge our attitude!  Conscious or unconscious our attitude defines our character and inevitably our future.  It is a byproduct of our thoughts, feelings and emotions and can be continuously accelerated by deliberately choosing to focus on thoughts that bring us joy, happiness, love and empowerment!

 As you continue to consciously train your thoughts and focus your attention on the things in your life that bring you optimism, positive expectation, enthusiasm, passion, joy, etc., you will find that your attitude will achieve altitude and before you know it, you will be manifesting events and experiences in your life that you’ve never even dreamed of.

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