The INTRAFITT Program is the Most Successful Fat Loss and Muscular Development Program in the World! 

Hi, I’m William Smith.  You might remember me as “Thunder” from the American Gladiators.   

My role as THUNDER has continued on as I started a Corporation in 1992 (after I left the Gladiators) specializing in Clinical and Sports Nutrition and Exercise Research and Development.  I’ve dedicated my life to the health sciences as I have lost many special people in my life (my parents and my brother to name a few) to preventable chronic and degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer and drug and alcohol addiction.  I now spend my days battling these deadly diseases by developing Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Programs specifically designed to combat and and even reverse chronic disease.  I also present live online seminars and coaching sessions for our clients to help keep them inspired towards making an effort each and every day to eat right and exercise and to take care of themselves so that they too don’t meet the same fate as friends and members of my family have thus leaving behind their loved ones.

 My mission is to aggressively improve the overall health, fitness and performance of all people in all communities around the world while dramatically reducing the risk and incidence of chronic and degenerative disease in mind, body and spirit. 

This is my LIFE and I look forward to sharing my findings with each of you.

In the greatest of good health,
William Smith aka/Thunder

Visit us at www.intrafitt.com or send me an email at gladiator@intrafitt.com


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