Cholesterol…The Derived Fat

William Smith is the President / CEO and Founder of the INTRAFITT Corporation which was established in California in 1992. Will has won more than twenty-eight bodybuilding championships and is also known for his role as “THUNDER” on television’s American Gladiator between 1990 – 1992. He is a National and International Speaker on Performance Nutrition and Exercise Science.

The concern with eating a lot of saturated fats is the related cholesterol content associated with these foods (egg yolks, butter, cream, beef, etc.).  Although cholesterol has received as much bad press as dietary fats, it is a much-needed substance by the body; so much so, that the liver is capable of manufacturing fifty trillion molecules of this compound per second.  Cholesterol is a fatty like substance which belongs to a group of fats known as sterols or steroids, and unlike most lipids is a precursor to all the steroid hormones such as testosterone, cortisone and even vitamin D.  Although the body can produce its own cholesterol from components of glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids, the rate of biosynthesis can be altered by the amount of dietary cholesterol, carbohydrates and saturated fats eaten.  In other words, when the intake of dietary cholesterol increases, cholesterol biosynthesis in the liver is reduced.  This is similar to the “down regulation” and “negative feedback” properties associated with hormone production in the body.  In other words, when the body is receiving adequate amounts of cholesterol through the diet, hepatic formation is reduced.  If on the other hand, dietary cholesterol is restricted beyond that the body feels is necessary, intrahepatic enzymes will activate the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol in order to supply the cells of the body with this intrinsic compound.  It is because of this homeostatic ability by the liver that it may be difficult to control serum cholesterol levels through dietary efforts alone.

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