Total Conditioning…the Whole Package

gladiatorHey, that’s me in my Gladiator Days!  But, just a reminder…Regular strength training is an important part of every Total Conditioning Program. Unfortunately, some people (especially women) avoid strength training for fear of developing enlarged muscles and/or gaining weight. This thought process may certainly have its downfalls since “heavy” strength training promotes the release of the hormones epinephrine and HGH (human growth hormone) which help to accelerate lipolysis, fatty acid oxidation and muscle tissue synthesis. Furthermore, the inability for many people to improve their skills in activities such as tennis, golf, dance, football, baseball, hockey, bowling and other related sports may be directly associated with a lack of muscular strength and coordination resulting from the avoidance of regular strength training. This type of muscular weakness can usually be improved through regular adherence to a properly structured strength-training program.

Some additional benefits accompanied with regular strength training activities include:
Mental and physical vigor
Muscular endurance and strength
Bone strength and density
Connective, ligament and tendon tissue strength
Muscular hypertrophy
lean body mass
Intra-muscular fuel stores
Max VO2
Fatty Acid Oxidation
Neurological Responsiveness

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The INTRAFITT Individualized Nutrition and Exercise Program was developed and established in California in 1992 in an effort to educate individuals seeking optimal levels of health, fitness and performance on the effect that diet and exercise has on the major regulatory systems of the human body (Nervous System and the Endocrine System) and their consequential effects on the Re-Programming Aspects of the Human Body.

The INTRAFITT Program concepts and applications are 100% valid and applicable and have been accepted entirely by the Scientific Community currently exploring the dual science of “Diet and Exercise Neuroendocrinology” and “P.N.E.I” (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology) and are supported by a myriad of abstract studies and published excerpts such as the following taken from the text book entitled Principles OF Physiology / General Principles Of Endocrine Physiology.

In strength and honor,

Will Smith AKA Thunder of the American Gladiators


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