Advanced Dietetics

In many ways the human energy system is similar to that of an automobile.  For instance, stored body fat and glycogen can be perceived as the fuel tank of the body and since calories are primarily burned in the muscle tissue (also referred to as oxidative tissue), we could consider it to be the engine.  The circulatory system would then serve as the fuel line enabling free fatty acids, amino acids and glucose to travel to the working muscles to be used for energy and other cellular work.

Just as a race car mechanic can build a high performance dragster, we have the ability to transform the human body into an ultra performance machine as well.  By understanding how proper nutrition and exercise directly influence the major regulatory systems of the body, we can achieve any level of health, fitness and performance that our genetic potential will allow.  Although highly specific dietary and exercise guidelines are essential for each individual, the basic principles associated with the overall improvement of biochemical alterations apply to everyone, healthy or otherwise.

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In good health and honor,
William Smith/aka Thunder of the American Gladiators

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