Changing the Body’s Chemistry Through Exercise!

Today, scientists are able to perform “muscle biopsies” in which a small piece of muscle tissue is extracted from a specific  region of the body such as the leg in order to determine the various effects that exercise has on the production of specialized fat burning enzymes.  When muscle biopsies of endurance athletes are compared to those of untrained college students, it is clear that the athletes have a greater number of fat burning enzymes than the college students.  Additional studies have also shown that sedentary people can increase the number of fat burning enzymes in their own muscles by regularly participating in any type of prolonged moderately intense exercise.  These biochemical changes are extremely necessary in order to improve the fat burning efficiency of the body twenty-four hours per day.

In summary, once the fatty acids are released from stored adipose tissue into the bloodstream, they travel throughout the body becoming accessible to the working muscles and are utilized as a source of energy, especially in muscle tissue that is equipped with sufficient fat burning enzymes (also referred to as metabolic spark plugs).  If however, lean muscle tissue has been lost as a result of severe calorie restriction combined with incorrect exercise application, the fatty acids may not be used as a source of energy and instead may continue on through the bloodstream and re-deposit in the body’s fat stores for later use.

Exercise is essential!  Whether seeking to improve health, weight loss, muscular strength and endurance or simply contemplating the start of a fitness program, a certain amount of exercise each day is indispensable.  Regular exercise provides extreme benefits associated with physical, psychological, and social well-being and greatly improves the resistance to disease.

With evidence of these benefits, it’s a wonder more people don’t trade in their television sets for exercise equipment!

Will talk about the adverse effects of inactivity next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In good health and honor,

Will Smith aka/Thunder of the American Gladiators

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