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William Smith is the President / CEO and Founder of the INTRAFITT Corporation which was established in California in 1992. Will has won more than twenty-eight bodybuilding championships and is also known for his role as “THUNDER” on television’s American Gladiator between 1990 – 1992. He is a National and International Speaker on Performance Nutrition and Exercise Science.

Hi again,

Hoping everyone is having a great day and thinking about proper nutrition and meal planning.  To make cooking easier than ever, we’ve begun putting together a series of new cooking videos and recipes.  Go to and click on “Cooking with Chefie F”!  You will find it on the left hand side of your menu options.  To make navigation easier than ever, all recipes beginning with a “V” mean Video Recipe and all those beginning with a “T” mean Text Recipe.  You can find everything from how to cook a Hard-Boiled Egg to Spaghetti Bolognese!  Also, I think you will enjoy the interaction between “Chefie F” and Camera Man!!!!!!

Come back and visit often as we are always adding new things!  Buon Appetito!

While you are on our site you might want to purchase your very own individualized nutrition plan.  Give it a try! 

In good health always,
William Smith/aka Thunder of the American Gladiators


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