To Lose Weight and Tone Up, Proper Calorie Intake is Essential!

William Smith is the President / CEO and Founder of the INTRAFITT Corporation which was established in California in 1992. Will has won more than twenty-eight bodybuilding championships and is also known for his role as “THUNDER” on television’s American Gladiator between 1990 – 1992. He is a National and International Speaker on Performance Nutrition and Exercise Science.

Dear Friends,  I’d like to begin discussing the Six Elements of Fitness with the very first element being proper calorie intake.  These Elements of Fitness must be considered in order to achieve any health and fitness-related goal.  Why?  The reason is simple.  The human body is made up of several systems and sub-systems, all of which require a certain amount of fuel in order to function efficiently.  For example, the brain and nervous system require a constant and steady supply of glucose, which is primarily derived from the carbohydrate rich foods that we eat on a daily basis.  If glucose is not readily available to these organ systems, neural and hormonal messages are sent throughout the body, causing several adverse effects to take place.  The most significant and immediate effect resulting from this state of low blood sugar, is a condition known as “hypoglycemia”.  This condition often times results from one or more of the following:

  • Skipping meals
  • Waiting too long between meals
  • Severely restricting calories (in order to encourage weight loss)
  • Exercising for a long period of time (usually at too high of an intensity)
  • Consistently eating meals that are disproportionately high in carbohydrates

Consequently, hypoglycemic symptoms such as hunger, fatigue, irritability, nervousness, depression and anxiety will most likely occur.  Secondary effects resulting from repetitive periods of low blood sugar, which are perhaps more damaging in the long term yet show no immediate physiological and/or psychological signs, include:

  • Elevated set-point (also referred to as the “fat thermostat”)
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased cravings for high calorie and sugary foods (such as chocolate)
  • Increased body fat conservation

The resulting factor of these secondary hypoglycemic effects are a decreased rate of fat metabolism and an increased rate of fat storage.  Furthermore, when these vital systems (the brain and nervous system) are repeatedly subjected to conditions of hypoglycemia, the body recognizes the need to “lighten the load” in the sense that any energy-consuming tissue (lean muscle tissue) may ultimately be eliminated resulting in rapid weight loss.

It is important to understand that lean muscle tissue is the engine of the body, whereas fat tissue (which provides the most concentrated source of fuel to the muscles) is the fuel tank.  In other words, body fat is typically burned in muscle tissue.  Therefore, the more conditioned muscle tissue your body has, the more fat it will burn.  Unfortunately, individuals desiring to obtain a lean tone look, once they have lowered their body weight, nay find that they have only become a smaller version of themselves because the weight they lost may have been as much as 50% lean body mass.

Remember that proper calorie intake provides the foundation of every successful nutrition regimen and is essential when trying to obtain any fitness and conditioning objective effectively.  It is also important to realize that proper calorie intake should be established on a meal-by-meal basis, not on a daily basis.  This is paramount because the body’s hormonal systems (the systems which directly control fat metabolism) can be favorably influenced for three to six hours after each meal.  Therefore, it would not make sense to eat a varying number of calories throughout the day, as this would most likely cause erratic blood sugar levels and consequent sugar cravings and related hypoglycemic symptoms.

Until next time……why not visit us at and sign up for your individual nutrition plan.

In good health,

William Smith/aka Thunder of the American Gladiators


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